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Please keep in mind that any merchandise (in any category) which is NOT in excellent condition will not be accepted. All items must be FRESHLY LAUNDERED / CLEANED, CURRENT / INSTYLE and in LIKE-NEW condition. All merchandise will be inspected (for overall condition) at drop-off.  Please see our Merchandise Guidelines below for a complete list of what an OutGROW OutPLAY sale event will and will not accept.


  • SAFETY AND RECALLS: Safety is super important to OGOP. You are responsible for only consigning safe items. CLICK HERE to check for Safety Recalls prior to dropping off your items.
  • BROKEN ITEMS: If you consign an item we are unable to check (bottle warmer/video game, mobiles ect) and it is returned by a shopper because it does not work properly, a $15 handling fee will be deducted from your cheque - NO exceptions.
  • ITEMS MISSING PIECES: If you consign items that are missing pieces (toys, puzzles, lego sets, games, ect) and it’s returned by a shopper because it is missing pieces, a $15 handling fee will be deducted from your cheque… NO exceptions.
  • SEASONAL CLOTHING: Click HERE for OGOP's Seasonal Merchandise Policy.
  • BATTERY OPERATED ITEMS: Must have batteries


Listed below are OGOP categories, some examples and the guidelines for what we will or won't accept. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. merch

CLICK HERE to check for Safety Recalls prior to dropping off your items


BABY GEAR: Strollers, high chairs, exersaucers, swings, bouncy seats, bassinets, cradles, cribs, safety gates, play-n-packs, bath tubs, baby carriers, diaper bags, boosters, etc... merch NURSERY/KIDS DECOR: Monitors (must include batteries), crib bedding (sets only – sheets, blankets and bumper pads), blankets, mobiles, lamps and décor. Theme items that are sold together as a set, will sell faster than individually. LINEN/BLANKETS: Bed-in-a-bag sets. Comforter, sheets, pillow cases, décor pillows, etc. Please do not bag any linen. Refer to our Consignors 101 Manual for details on how to properly display. merch CLOTHING: Newborn to size 10. When priced right (around 25% of brand new), like-new brand name clothing sells quickly. For example: Oshkosh, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Disney, Bum, Simply Basic, Gymboree, The Children’s place, Please Mum, La Senza Girl etc...

  • ALL clothing must be freshly laundered and without signs of wear/tear, stains, scents and pet hair! Hang your clothing neatly on hangers. Hangers must be facing left like a ? mark.
  • We strongly prefer that all clothing items are on wire hangers when possible. Most baby items will fit nicely on a wire hanger.
  • Button all buttons, snap all snaps, zip all zippers, sew loose hems and seams. Items that are washed, ironed and have all pieces attached will sell faster! The better your items look, the quicker they will SELL.
  • Selling multiple/bundled items at once, sell quicker! Pin pants/skirts/shorts etc, to the back of the shirt (at the shoulders with pin looped through the wire^ hanger) facing out for easy viewing OR hang second item on another hanger (front of item facing out) and attach together with an elastic rubber band. Never hide the second item under the first. Matching accessories should be pinned to the front of the hanger or sealed in a Ziploc… poke the hanger through the bag.
  • Pants or skirts should be hung at the waist, at the top of the hanger ^ (or you can use a pant hanger), and pin to ensure they do not slide from side to side. Do not pin to the bottom part of hanger because your items will slide around and bunch up. Do not fold pants on the hanger.
  • Always attach your tags to the label or in a seam/inside cuff, on the right side of item, when your hanger is hung like a ? mark and you’re looking at it. NEVER pin through fabric because it will leave holes and we won’t be able to accept it.

CLOTHING - TWEEN'S: BRAND NAME ONLY: Small, medium and large. For example: Gap, Esprit, Guess, American Eagle Outfitters, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aerie, Banana Republic, Roots, Le Chateau, Mexx, NHL, Vintage... merch for feet FOOTWEAR: Rubber boots, winter boots, baby booties, sneakers, dressy shoes, sandals, Robeez and Crocs.

  • All shoes must be in almost perfect condition. Wipe them down...including the bottom! Be picky because the shoppers will be. Tie shoes together by the laces or use an elastic band, a fastener or use dollar store ribbon. We can’t sell just one shoe if one gets lost.
  • Please do not bag shoes (unless baby slippers/shoes), they will be ripped open! Only use a Ziploc bag or cling wrap for itty bitty baby shoes, slippers or shoes that you can not link together.
  • Consider putting several pairs of baby shoes or slippers together in one bag and for one price. Attach your tag with a large safety pin through the shoelace eye or use clear packing tape to attach to the outside of your Ziploc bag

books BOOKS: All children’s, parenting and pregnancy books in excellent condition (no ripped or sticky pages or writing unless an inscription) CHILDREN’S FURNITURE: All children’s furniture sells really well! Cribs (two years old or less and no drop side cribs - must have warranty), changing tables, dressers, toddler beds and children’s bed sets, bunk beds, desks, toy tables/chairs, rocking chairs, etc... sports merch SPORTING GOODS: We accept children and adult sport equipment. Under NO circumstance will we accept any items that are torn, beat up, outdated, smelly and not clearly CSA approved and dated. Skates, hockey equipment, bats, gloves, soccer balls, cleats, roller blades, bikes, skateboards, snowboards, sleds, bikes, protective equipment, golf clubs and accessories, ski equipment and accessories, hockey nets, basketball hoops, tennis rackets, bowling balls, etc... VIDEO GAMES/ELECTRONICS: Game Boy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo, Nintendo Cube, Wii, PS, PS2, PS3, X Box and X Box 360 video games, accessories, systems and DVD or Blu-ray movies.  All games and movies must be carefully checked for scratches.  It is your responsibility to make sure your items work properly. Nobody wants to buy something, lug it home only to find it does not work. edumerch EDUCATIONAL ELECTRONICS: Leap Frog, VTech, Fisher Price, etc... MISCELLANEOUS: Almost new electronics (Cameras, PDA’s, IPod’s, MP3, DVD’s, etc) must have original package and all warranties, instructions etc... toys TOYS: Toys are our best sellers and are in high demand! We accept most toys big/small or indoor/outdoor. If it’s a child’s toy, chances are we will accept it! Dolls, action figures, trucks, Legos & cars (loose sets must bagged in a clear Ziploc bag), fire engines, Barbie & Bratz, trains & tracks, building blocks, pretend-n-play, play houses, sandboxes, pools, play equipment, riding toys (including battery operated cars), bicycles, tricycles, scooters, picnic tables, art easels, play kitchens or work benches, wagons, etc... plush PLUSH TOYS aka STUFFIES: We are VERY SELECTIVE and will only accept stuffed animals/toy/plush providing they are brand-name (Disney, Webkinz, Build-A-Bear, Beanie or character), in excellent condition (dust NOT included!) or they are interactive and walk, talk or move.


  • Recalled merchandise
  • Bath rings
  • Bathing Suits over size 6
  • Drop-side cribs, cribs older than two years or cribs without warranties/instructions attached
  • Breast pumps and soothers
  • Car seats and car booster seats
  • Dirty toys, clothing, baby gear or furniture…dirty anything!
  • Outdated or clothing with holes, stains, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers or snaps, etc...
  • Clothing or merchandise that smells of any odour because it has not recently been washed or cleaned
  • Clothing that has pet hair on it
  • Under garments unless brand new
  • Battery operated items without batteries
  • Plastic baby bottles, sippy cups etc unless BPA free is clearly labeled
  • VHS tapes
  • Bike helmets unless brand new
  • Any equipment that is not CSA approved, dated and is not in excellent condition. Equipment that is smelly.
  • Personal items like a jock strap or mouth guards
  • Older computer software/hardware


just4moms OGOP's JUST FOR MOM categories have been steadily growing! You can consign almost anything that is like-new (within two years of purchase) and stylish. Please... no garage sale odds n ends... only consign your best! ☺ BED & BATH: towel sets, accessories, organization, décor, quilts, bedding sets CRAFTS: all crafting supplies sorted in sets. Please no little loose items. Will also accept items made by crafters FURNITURE: bedroom, entryway, kitchen & dining, living room, office. Examples include chairs, tables, bookcases, bar stools, headboards, benches ect. Please note that unsold large furniture pieces must be picked up. All furniture pieces must be sturdy and clean (dust/grime free). Any items requiring assembly MUST be assembled (can be assembled on-site at the sale or from home) and ready to display. Furniture will not sell if it is not assembled. If your item is assembled with an Allen wrench, please include it with your item for the new owners. Unfortunately our Charity Partners are unable to accept large items at this time HOME DÉCOR & ACCENTS: candles, mirrors, art, textiles, pillows, drapes, area carpets, floor and table lamps, organization, clocks, vases and…so much more ☺ KITCHEN: complete dinnerware/barware/stemware sets, accessories, gadgets, décor, table linens, organization, storage MISCELLANEOUS: anything that does not fit into a category OUTDOOR & GARDEN: patio furniture, coolers/carts, planters, rockers, benches, décor ect SEASONAL DÉCOR: decorations


OGOP is super excited to be able to offer our new Women’s Clothing category! Our motto on taking clothing and accessories is CUTE, CURRENT and CLEAN ☺ OGOP will not have change rooms so please consign only your best and price it right. A maximum of 10 Maternity Wear pieces or 10 non maternity clothing pieces may be consigned by each consignor All items must be current, in-style and less than three years old All clothing must be freshly laundered/dry cleaned and without any odours of any kind All clothing must be in excellent condition with no pilling/pet hair, holes, stains (underarm too!), rips. All zippers must zip and all buttons secure All clothing must be hung on hangers. Bottoms must be on pant hangers except for jeans. Jeans will be placed folded on a table. BOTTOMS: jeans, leisure pants, skirts, shorts, dress pants must be hung on pants hangers DRESSES: casual and business JEWELRY: Costume jewelry, no expensive jewelry please. Display in small ziploc bags. No pierced earrings unless brand new with tags OUTERWEAR: winter/spring coats, jackets, blazers, vests hoodies SETS: pj’s, business suits, leisure sets TOPS: t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, long/short/no sleeve FOOTWEAR: All footwear must be in excellent condition, clean and scuff free with no signs of toe marks - wipe them down...including the bottom. We will accept dress and casual shoes and boots. Be picky because the shoppers will be. Tie shoes together by the laces or use an elastic band, a fastener or use dollar store ribbon when possible. We can’t sell just one shoe if one gets lost ☹ HANDBAGS/BELTS + SCARVES: Purses must be cleaned out with lining free of stains, marks and or dust. No wear and tear on straps. Belts must be free of size belt marks MISCELLANEOUS: anything else that does not fit into a category


  • Clothing or accessories that have odours (perfume, smoke, pet, musty) and or are dirty, have stains/holes/tears
  • Undergarments, bathing suits and pantyhose unless brand new with tags
  • Expensive jewelry or pierced earrings unless brand new with tags
  • Formal Wear – no prom/bridesmaid long gowns or dresses or wedding dresses
  • Small appliances unless brand new
  • Appliances, knick-knacks, loose dishes, pot/pans, loose linen, mattress sets etc Books



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